Finally It Is Ready! As of now you can order the worldwide first mobile DRM compatible receiver (simply click on the link)!


The STARWAVES TruckBox1) is your perfect companion for near and far trips no matter whether you go by truck, car, caravan or yacht. No radio program will be hidden any more, be it TruckRadio on DAB or Deutsche Welle on digital Short Wave (DRM). Furthermore, you can - thanks to a special sound processor – receive the whole AM range (LW, MW and really all SW bands) in a sound quality never heard before.

Most important: You need not exchange your existing radio receiver (which is not even possible in many vehicles). The STARWAVES TruckBox1) is simply connected through the antenna socket to your existing Car-HiFi system. Depending on the kind of your antenna you can use it furthermore for the extended reception or install a more suitable antenna. The ranges L-M-S-FM and DAB have separate input plugs.

The STARWAVES TruckBox1) is operated comfortably by radio remote control. The menu control as well as relevant information like station name or frequency are indicated on the normal display of the existing radio receiver.

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We prepared a list of links showing actually receivable digital radio broadcasting inside and outside of Germany for you2):

DAB in Germany: http://www.digitalradio.de/de/programm/programme/main.php?Action=DOpublics.dbStationSearch&bundesland=0&stationType=0&x=40&y=8

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale): http://www.drm.org/livebroadcast/livebroadcast.php

DAB in Belgium: http://www.digitaleradio.be/dab/wathoren/overzicht_wathoren.html

DAB in Danmark: http://www.dabradio.dk/index.asp?ArtId=11304&ActiveMenu=12660

DAB in Italy: http://www.dab.it/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=24&Itemid=28

DAB in South Tirol: http://www.ras.bz.it/en/tv_radio/dab.htm

DAB in Norway: http://www.dabdigitalradio.no/default.aspx?level=0&parent_id=2&container_id=17

DAB in Switzerland: http://www.dab-digitalradio.ch/?lang=de&c=sender

DAB in the UK: http://www.uk-dab.info/stationlist.php

We hope you will enjoy our innovative product and are looking forward to your order!

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1) The STARWAVES TruckBox ist a digital radio converterbox with the internal produkt name "C-310U" in connection with some issues for truck drivers which can be purchased at our retailer T-Online-Shop.

2) Please read our Imprint Page. We do not warrant of any content of the listed websites, especially not for completion, correctness, and actuality of the regarding transmissions lists.